Jul 23 2013

Yasaswi’s ||First Leaf

Translation of tolaaku

One fallen leaf
Bounced off the branch
The Mother root remembers
The rapture of sprouting into
Sunlit world

New leaves moan
The burden of old kinships
Feels like a life sentence
The separation of loved one
In the lustful wind

The tree did not sway
Yet the leaf blew away
Meloncholy of parting never dozes off
In the swing of the wind

Life has to bend before the whirlwind
it has to go on
Since the plant grows into a Tree
Gathering all under its shade

Drinking from the clouds
The Tree remains firm
In the gusty winds of the torrential rains
None sheltered her from
The Sun and the Rain

Unable to forget the first leaf’s loss
The tree patiently sprouted
New leaves in the summer heat

No branch of the tree is
Bothered with the parting
But the fallen leaf
Returns frequently
To visit the greenery

Ancient love
In eternal time
to scion
the first leaf again and again.

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  1. kanistaon 20 Aug 2013 at 6:18 PM

    Love is Ancient but it is eternal for ever and ever

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