eeyana evarO gurtuMdaa….?

February 26th, 2012

SreedEvi muraLeedhar gaaru manaM marchipOyina lEdaa marchipOtunna oka vishaadha ghaTananu gurtu chEstoo oka kathanaM meyil chESaaru. beMguLooru vaastavyulu vasaMtaraavu saaMbaSivaraavu gaaru(poorva vais presiDeMT -ai en jee vaiSya baaMk) paMpina meyil^ni aame phaarvarD chESaaru.

vichakshaNa marchipOyina vaaDi chEtullOni eke 47 mara bulleTlaku aDDu nilichi padi maMdi praaNaalu kaapaaDina oka saamaanyuDini talchukOmaMToo ee kathanaM chebutOMdi. samayaM lEka ee aaMgla kathanaanni alaagE prachuriMchaDamavutOMdi.

tukaaraaM oMblE

Do you know who this guy is No idea OK, let me introduce him…

This is Mr. Tukarama Omble…

Rings a Bell Or you still can’t place him


I guess you know who Ajmal Kasab is

Great… Just imagine how popular Ajmal Kasab is… But as for Tukarama Omble, very few seem to know about him… Well, be that as it may, let me give you some details about him…

48 year old, Assistant Sub Inspector Tukaram Omble was on the Night Shift on the night of 26 27 November 2008 when 10 Pakistani terrorists attacked Mumbai. After the news of firings at the Leopold Cafe, Oberoi and Taj Hotels came in, ASI Omble was assigned to take up position on Marine Drive. At 12.30 AM on 27 November he had called up his family and spoken to them.

At around 12.45 am, Omble was alerted on his walkie-talkie that two terrorists had hijacked a Skoda car and were heading for Girgaum Chowpatty. Just minutes later, the Skoda whizzed past him.

Omble immediately jumped on to his motorcycle and chased the car. A team from DB Marg Police Station was hurriedly setting up a barricade at the Chowpatty Traffic Signal. As the Skoda approached the Signal, the terrorists opened fire on the Police, but had to slow down because of the barricades. ASI Omble overtook the Skoda and stopped in front of it, forcing the driver of the car to swerve right and hit the road-divider. With the terrorists momentarily distracted, Omble sprang toward one of them, Ajmal Kasab, and gripped the barrel of the AK47 rifle with both hands. With the barrel pointing towards Omble, Kasab pulled the trigger, hitting Omble in the abdomen. Omble collapsed, but held on to the gun till he lost consciousness. This is what prevented Ajmal Kasab from killing many more innocent Mumbaikars than he did

Now you got him!!! ASI Tukarama Omble i.e. He was the Lionhearted Man who sacrificed himself to save many lives and was instrumental Ajmal Kasab being captured alive…

Do you know where ASI Tukarama Omble’s family is Do you know what his family does

No body wants to know, nobody wants to even find that out. Not even the Media!!! Just try to compare what the Central & Maharashtra Governments have spent thus far to support Omble’s family and what they have spent on the well-being of the Mighty Terrorist Ajmal Kasab…

Don’t you think every Indian, especially the so-called Proud Mumbaikars, feel ashamed of all this

ASI Tukarama Omble should be awarded the Bharat Ratna posthumously and his name should to be etched in Golden Letters in the annals of Indian History so that future generations may realize that it is the not the Rich & Famous Page-3 Politicians, Bureaucrats, Media Barons, Actors & Movie Moguls, but the Ordinary Foot Soldier who is ever ready to lay his life on the line so that the rest us may live in peace.

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A truth that’s told with bad intent, beats all the lies you can invent.
William Blake



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2 Responses to “eeyana evarO gurtuMdaa….?”

  1. p.narasimhulu,guntur on March 24, 2012 7:22 PM

    No one remember Tukaram Omble.It is the pity in Inda.Crores of rupees spending on Kasab. But on single paise on the family of Tukaram Omble by Govt.Very shame on the part of the Govt. Thanks to the mail writer and forwarder.

  2. chandamama on March 29, 2012 2:45 PM

    narasiMhulu gaaroo, kshamiMchaali. chaalaa aalasyaMgaa mee vyaakhya choosi prachuriMchaanu. vaaraMrOjulugaa neT^tO saMbaMdhaMlO lEnu. kasab tooTaaku balaina tukaaraaM oMblE kaneesaM madhyataragati vaaDigaa ayinaa puTTi uMTE prabhutva najaraanaalu, gurtiMpuloo bhaareegaanE dakki uMDEvi. kaani paapaM aayana pEda kuTuMbaMlO, kiMdi vargaMlO puTTaaDu. aa sthitilOnE nElakorigaaDu. aMdukE evaroo tananoo, tana kuTuMbaanni paTTiMchukOru. ee dESaMlO kiMdivargaala nijamaina sEvalaku daSaabdaalugaa aMdutunna pratiphalaM idE mari. mee aavEdanalO paalupaMchukuMTunnaanu.

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